Essential Rewards

So, can you sit down and tally up your expenses on household products, skin and hair care, baby products, etc.? Is it all-natural and safe? If not, that is where you can bring in Essential Rewards.

Once you grab your PSK, you get 24% off on all of Young Living’s products (oils and more)!
So if you spend R1500 or more (or less) on the above-mentioned products, then consider swapping out these for Essential Oils and natural products through an Essential Rewards order. Think about this as your Monthly Wellness Box.

How does it work? 
– Log into your Young Living site and click on ‘Monthly Order’
– Customise your order (you can change it every month so it’s totally versatile, fun and in line with your current needs)
– Place your order and hit process
– Wait 3-5 days for the delivery man to knock on your door!

You will get points back that you can save to spend on a future order/gift for yourself.
The points you get back are dependent on the length of time you’ve been on Essential Rewards (us oily people call it ER).
Every month Young Living runs promos for people who buy on Essential Rewards. So you will usually get one or more oils/products FREE when you hit certain order values. It is TOTALLY worth trying to make these markers because who doesn’t want a free oil or two (or three!)?

Without sounding like a Verimark ad… “But wait, there’s more!”
You’ll also get:
– reduced shipping costs for your Essential Rewards order
– gifts for consistently ordering on months 3,6,9 and 12
– it is FREE to join and you can cancel it (at no cost) at anytime

This is the BEST loyalty program I have ever been a part of!