About Essential Oils

Essential Oils are a highly concentrated version of the natural oils found in plants, trees, and flowers. 

They’re the life-blood of a plant. When a plant gets injured or is not well, it releases the oils to heal itself. We can obtain these very oils through various distilling processes to harness these properties for ourselves.

Essential Oils can be used for anything from skincare, haircare, emotional grounding, hormonal balancing, relaxation, and home care. Their uses are almost endless!

You can use Essential Oils in three ways:
Aromatically through diffusing (with Young Living you get a diffuser when you order a Premium Starter Kit) and this works to release tiny particles of the Essential Oils into the air and therefore you breathe them in.
Topically by applying to your skin. Mixed with the right carrier oils, Essential Oils can be applied topically through rollers, serums, sprays, etc.
Internal applications. Not everyone is up for this option but with Young Living, their oils are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade and are safe for consumption (please consult your upline to find the list of ingestable oils).

Why Young Living and not other local brands? 
I chose Young Living because I did my research and I believe that they’re the best of the best. Their pure oils are of the highest standard and go through extreme testing before you get your little bottle in your box. I trust that they have produced a beautiful, pure product. Their Seed to Seal Standard is unmatched and they are an amazingly generous company from farming to us, the consumer.

When you join Young Living through buying a Premium Starter Kit through a fellow oily friend, you will be plugged into some amazing teams and get access to a ton of resources for you to learn how to use your oils for almost everything. There really is an oil for THAT (whatever THAT is for you).

The best way to get started with Essential Oils is to get your Premium Starter Kit. Have a look at what is included and why it’s the best value for money over at the Premium Starter Kit tab under Intentionally Natural. Let’s take the first step, together.