SA Premium Starter Kit

By buying your South African Premium Starter Kit you have the amazing chance to dive right into (not even dip a toe in Valor – if you know, you know) the world of natural goodness and oily living.

Your kit includes 10 amazing oils that are perfect for you to start using. When you grab your kit, you will get plugged into a community (choose this wisely) and you’ll immediately find yourself swimming in recipes, hacks, tricks, tips, and advice. It’s WORTH every rand.

When you open the box, you’ll find your Dewdrop Diffuser which is a great start to testing them out. Simply plug it in, drop in a couple of drops of Essential Oils (I recommend 3 peppermint and 3 lemon to start) and then fill to the red marker with water. Turn it on and inhale.

Then you will find your little white box of treasures. These 10 oils are handpicked for us! Here’s what they are (in short because there is SO much more about each of them).

Thieves | your immune powerhouse ‘potion’ • there is history behind this blend of oils and it is created to kick colds right in the face

Frankincense | the heavenly oil • grounding and calming • skin-care secret for glowing skin

Orange | uplifting aroma • refreshing • teeth whitening booster • household cleaning

Lemon | focus and fresh • immunity addition • household cleaning

Citronella | bug repellant • fresh and uplifting aroma

Purification | immunity support • air purifier and deodarizer

Lavender | Swiss-army knife of oils with uses too long to list • sleep support • skincare • calming

Valor | liquid courage • a blend of oils for boosting confidence and calm • tantrum tamer

Peppermint | focus • headache cure • fresh aroma • digestion and circulatory support • exercise support

Eucalyptus Radiata | breathe easy cure • fresh and grounding • immune-boosting

These oils do so much more than I have listed but you’ll get the inside scoop in no time when you join a team! Our family uses some of these oils every day!

Since my first Starter Kit (yes, I own two because we all could use another diffuser!) I have grown a massive stash of oils by swopping out toxic purchases and investing in these bottles of pure plant medicines. I order a batch of oils and YL products every month through their Essential Rewards program and I always get freebies through this program as well as up to 25% back in points to spend. Isn’t that too cool? I wrote a little more about Essential Rewards – it’s an amazing idea to jump on it!