She | Kelly Lubbee

Robertson, a river and a revelation

Firstly, happy New Year! It is 2018 – a fresh slate, a new road and many possibilities. This year we welcomed in 2018 in yet another tent but this time in the beautiful town of Robertson, overlooking the still and serene Breede River (see picture above for proof). Thanks to Baby Lubbee in my belly I had the opportunity to wake in time to witness the sunrise both mornings we were there. It was truly magnificent – nature at it’s finest. I had such a sense that “all creation sings His praise” (Psalm 66:4) as the sun rose on each day – the fish jumped a little in the water creating ripples as wide as the river, the birds sung in sweet melodies and the trees hushed in the breeze. It was peaceful and perfect.

I had a moment while we went away when I jotted down the scene on a windy day – testing my creative limits in choosing new descriptions for ordinary happenings and sights and sounds. I was trying to slow myself down to the pace of nature but in this same entry I wrote “a busyness about nature as it holds itself together in the wind contrasted with the stillness of us – just breathing it all in”. I found it interesting though that nature just leans in to the wind around it – it is shaken but not moved. The river will always still be the river, the tree still planted firmly in the ground and the birds won’t leave their home for the sake of the wind. But we moved eventually, we went into the tent to find some calm from the wind to read and continue relaxing. We’re moved by the things around us.

This season for me has been rather challenging. I have found myself on the edge of faith many times and confused at my reaction to things around me. As someone who I would call faith-filled I have had a lot of moments of being shaken and close to moving away from my foundation of faith. Faithfulness has been the theme of my life. For some it is God’s protection, His peace, His comfort. For me, it is truly His faithfulness. So why have I had so much fear gripping me, shaking me? Well I have been trying to process it, get to the core and deal with it as I ask myself hard questions and cry out to God to show me again that He is who He says He is and I will not fall. Do I have the answer yet? Not fully and there is a whole post on that coming soon as I have been navigating whether faith and fear can co-exist.

But I have still been reading His promises and letting them sink into the crevices of my heart to soften what can easily become hard. This verse popped up today to remind me again that He is the director of my life and what a good verse to kick off the new year.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” Proverbs 3:5-6

I saw a process in this scripture that has been preached and shared on many times. The 18-inch journey as some would say – between head to heart. The beginning of this verse calls us to trust in the Lord with all our heart, not our mind/head (our own understanding). So step one would be to let your revelation of God sink in deeper to your body to go from a head knowledge that He is good and faithful and kind to a heart beating in tune with that same revelation. Once it’s in your heart, it’s a little harder to be moved by anything that says otherwise. It’s truth to you – you can trust it.
Step two is a bit harder, it requires more faith and courage. Seek and step. I don’t know how many inches there are from your heart to your feet but I know it’s more than 18-inches and so this part of the journey will take more time. But as you have trusted Him with your heart, then seek Him for the direction you need to take and start walking in where He leads you.

So as 2018 has risen and all creation is singing in this new dawn, even on the windy days when you can move into the tent, would you stay outside and admire the work of the Creator and trust Him to hold you together as you just breathe Him in? If you haven’t already, I challenge you to set aside a moment to let the truths you know about God in your head, sink into your heart – choose to believe Him – and then write down the questions you have about which way to go this year in certain areas of your life and let Him show you the way, because He will.